Face-to-Face Training

Face-to-Face Training

Face-to-face training events have been held since the implementation of the NRS to help states improve data quality, increase data use for program improvement, develop data systems, review changes to NRS requirements, and share information among states and staff about their programs. We offer two types of training events: regional and targeted.


Regional training events typically consist of two and a half day events covering general topics relevant to most state adult education programs. They are open to all 50 states and U.S. territories to attend in one of three regional locations. These teams usually include the state director, data specialist, and professional development provider or other state staff. State teams are always selected and approved by the state director.


Targeted training events are two and a half day events held in Washington, DC covering specific topics related to the NRS on a more in depth level. States must submit applications to attend and have a direct need for the training content. Between 8 and 15 state teams are typically approved to attend. State teams are always selected and approved by the state director.

Directory of NRS Training Resources

Browse the Directory of NRS Training Resources, which houses all the tools and resources developed for regional training events since 2020.

NRS Training Events

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