Archive of Training Events

Archive of Training Events

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2012 Summer Training - Going Longitudinal

This workshop helped guide states into the world of longitudinal data systems (LDS). Participants learned about the Federal objectives, resources, and requirements; shared information about their states’ longitudinal systems; defined their objectives and data elements for an adult education longitudinal data system.

2011 Summer Training - Smart Fiscal Management for Adult Education Programs

This training focused on organizing and explaining, in everyday language, the basic financial requirements for managing the Federal adult education and literacy program.

2010 Summer Training - Diving Deep into the NRS Local Pool: Attendance, Transition Outcomes, and Educational Gain

This training focused on ways to analyze the core NRS outcome measure of educational gain, the four followup transition measures and student attendance and suggested areas to examine to plan program improvement efforts

2010 January Training - Lessons From The Field: Implementing Data Use Learning Communities

Building off of the 2009 Regional Training, The Local Connection: Building a Data Use Learning Community, the NRS support project hosted a webinar for state and local adult education staff that showcased data use learning communities that are currently being implemented.

2009 Summer Training - The Local Connection:  Building a Data Use Learning Community

This training focused on the characteristics and essential elements of data use learning communities at the state and local level.  Training materials include a companion guide to the training, learning community pre- and post- needs assessment surveys, the PowerPoint presentation with facilitator’s notes and corresponding handouts, and other resources.

2008 Summer Training - Building and Sustaining Quality in NRS Data: Strategies for Program Improvement

This year's Summer Training dealt with using NRS data to improve program quality through a four step continuous improvement process for building and sustaining change.  Materials include a Guide, a PowerPoint presentation and related training activity handouts, an Excel Data Planning Tool, and other resources on goal setting, evaluation and program monitoring.

2007 Summer Training – Desk Monitoring: Improving Program Performance

The 2007 Summer Training on Desk Monitoring focused on developing a desk monitoring system, including a tool to supplement onsite monitoring visits and a rubric to evaluate program performance. Materials include a Guide, an Excel template to aid in developing a desk monitoring tool, a PowerPoint presentation and corresponding handouts used at the training, and other resources and materials of use to states in a step-by-step development of their desk monitoring process.

2007 March Training – Demonstrating Results: Developing State and Local Report Cards for Adult Education 

The 2007 March Training was a repeat of the 2005 summer institute. Using updated materials, the training provided guidance to select state teams to develop their own state and local report cards for accountability. Materials include tools and templates to use in developing report cards.

2006 Summer Training - Learning to be an NRS Data Detective: The Five Sides of the NRS 

The 2006 Regional Summer Training addressed several aspects of the NRS including data collection procedures and requirements, improving data quality, and using data for the NRS. In addition, the training provided hands-on resources for using data including charts, graphs, and templates as well as learning materials to aid states in the step-by-step process of becoming a data detective at both the State and Local/Teacher levels.

2005 Summer Institute – Demonstrating Results: Developing State and Local Report Cards for Adult Education 

The 2005 Summer Institute provided guidance to select state teams to develop their own state and local report cards for accountability. Materials include tools and templates to use in developing report cards.

2005 The Third Wave: National Seminar on NRS Improvement for State Directors of Adult Education 

This training reviewed NRS policy and procedural changes proposed by the U.S. Department of Education for the next two years. We discussed changes and implications for State and Local data collection and explored ways to implement smooth and efficient changes in your state.

2004 Training on Developing an NRS Data System 

Learn how to develop requirements that tell in-house software developers or software vendors the capabilities you need to (1) meet the requirements of the NRS; (2) assess the effectiveness of your programs; (3) target areas for improvement; (4) support program-level record keeping needs and more.

2004 Training on NRS Data Monitoring for Program Improvement 

This workshop was the fourth in a training series designed to promote the quality and use of data collected under the NRS. The goal of the workshop was to provide training to State staff on how to meet requirements to set Local program performance standards, and how to better monitor and continuously improve their local programs using NRS data.

2003 Training on Using Data 

In early 2003, train-the-trainer workshops on Using NRS Data for Program Management and Improvement took place. State teams from 43 States attended these training events that offered a model for using NRS data, as well as ideas on data presentation and analysis and how effective use of data can shape program practices and policies.

2002 Guidance and Training on Data Quality 

The purpose of this training, held in summer 2002, was to provide practical, easy-to-understand information and materials for State and Local staff that clarifies the data collection process within the NRS and offers procedures for ensuring the collection of quality data.

1999 Introduction to the Professional Development on the National Reporting System

The purpose of this professional development sequence is to provide background information on the NRS; a discussion on how to interpret and use data at local, State and Federal levels; information on collecting valid and useful data; and planning statewide professional development on the NRS.