Your Success, Our Future

Your Success, Our Future: Measuring Achievement After Exit

NRS Training: 

WIOA requires states to collect data on program participants after program exit to report on the employment and credential indicators of performance. States and program staff face challenges understanding and collecting these indicators. This training established a framework for the data collection process for postexit indicators and guided training participants to use the framework to identify their data challenges and the process and steps needed to improve their data collection and reporting.


2020 Regional Training Participants’ Comments

It was a wonderful training and very relevant and productive

This was a great training - engaging and informative and it provided enough content and time to chat and have fun with others

I enjoyed that we had to create baby steps for our plan. This really allowed us to think about what needs to be done. While staying on task.

The material was well presented and clear- the steps we went through helped us to go from big ideas to manageable plans.

I learned so much this week and I truly appreciate all the work that went in to make sure the material was relevant and activities engaging

I appreciated the opportunity to work both with other states and our own states. I was able to learn from what other states are doing and then bring those ideas back to my own state.