Conquering Your Data Challenges

Conquering Your Data Challenges

NRS Training: 

Under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), state performance on indicators and other measures of effectiveness plays a vital role in developing quality programming. As states continue with WIOA implementation, local programs face challenges that affect state performance, NRS data collection, and reporting of WIOA indicators. This training helped state teams to identify local challenges that impact state performance, use data to understand the reasons for the challenges, identify strategies to address the challenges, and develop a draft action plan to replicate training to local programs.

PowerPoint From Regional Training


2019 Regional Training Participants’ Comments

I absolutely loved hearing success stories/best practices from Arizona. It was really inspiring and exciting to see. I also enjoyed the “Shark Tank” activity. It was simply an activity to share our game plans, but I had more FUN and an engaging twist. NRS annual trainings keep getting better every year. GeMar, Delphinia, and Larry make a great team.

I really like the sharing our challenges and approaches to solve them with other states because that way we receive a fresh look and a new vision with alternative strategies for addressing our challenges.

[During] the state-to-state collaboration, we are able to learn what innovative ideas other states have that can benefit our state.

The training has provided me the means to address data challenges through professional development.

The “forecast” exercise and role play were very useful. We plan to use this concept at the CA Consortium next year.

Partnering with other states was eye-opening.