New Horizons: Virtual Learning

New Horizons: Virtual Learning & Service Delivery in Adult Education

NRS Training: 

This training was designed to help states evaluate their approach to virtual learning and service delivery (VLSD). Through live workshop sessions and pre-session preparations, states developed a vision for virtual learning and service delivery to help guide their planning, implementation, programming, and capacity building for success in the coming years.


2021 Regional Training Participants’ Comments

Great session overall. I especially appreciated the small group conversations: mixed groups, state team time and the paired states team time. This chance to reflect and build on ideas with peers through conversation is an ideal way for me to learn, verify lessons learned, and dive deeper into concepts.

This session forced me to think more holistically about distance education and delve into data for more information. Thank you!

Thanks for making this very interactive and engaging. I really appreciated the breakout sessions and enjoyed talking with other states. Took away many great ideas.

Exceeded my expectations - didn't know what to expect from today but really enjoyed the virtual engagement with our other state peers.

Very informative. Really assisted with assessing where we are as a state and how we can continuously improve.

I really enjoyed this year’s training and look forward to working with my state team to improve our virtual learning/service delivery model.