Journey to Enrollment

The Journey to Enrollment: Recruitment and Service Strategies for Adult Education

NRS Training: 

This national training guided states through aspects of the recruitment and enrollment process to identify strengths and challenges. States discussed considerations for understanding the recruitment and enrollment landscape through data, and alignment through the lenses of people, programs, and policy.

Training Tools

activity icon OCTAE Enrollment Analysis Tool
Please contact OCTAE at or the NRS Support Project at to request a copy of the enrollment analysis tool.

NRS Trainers' Guide to the Regional Training

PDF icon NRS Trainers' Guide to the Regional Training, (378.93 KB)

NRS 2022 Pre-Workshop Team Activity

activity icon NRS 2022 Pre-Workshop Team Activity


2022 Regional Training Participants’ Comments

Great session, loved the ratio of presentation to breakout/small group discussion.

As in the past, these training events give me the chance to carve out some time to think about what our data is telling us and how we can react to improve.

It's very encouraging to know we're all in this together and even though quite different from state-to-state, we're all experiencing most of the same things.

I always find tremendous benefit in hearing the best practices of other states - thank you for providing these opportunities!

It was perfect. We are adopting your training and using it for local issues. NRS workshops!!! Thank you so much.