The NRS Story: From Policy to Practice

Photo of Larry Condelli

Episode 1

Past, Present, Future

Guest: Larry Condelli

The National Reporting System has served the adult education community for several decades in various capacities. In this episode, Larry Condelli, director of the NRS Support Project at the American Institutes for Research, talks about the history of the NRS and how it has evolved. He describes why and how the National Reporting System came into existence, and he calls out what needs the NRS serves today and discusses the future of the NRS.

Dr. Larry Condelli directs the state technical support project for the National Reporting System (NRS) and provides training and technical assistance to states on accountability and using data for program management and improvement.

"The NRS story is the story of Adult Ed. So as Adult Ed. moves along, the NRS is coming along with it both in a symbiotic way." —Larry Condelli


Episode 2

Turning Challenges into Successes: Applying the Research to Practice in Virtual Learning and Service Delivery in Adult Education

Host: Delphinia Brown

Over the last few years, adult education programs have shifted from a traditional distance learning model to a virtual learning and service delivery (VLSD) approach. In the summer of 2021, the NRS project team conducted a workshop on VLSD, and the 46 states that participated shared their experiences and plans for VLSD. In this episode, Delphinia Brown, with the NRS Support Project at the American Institutes for Research, highlights some of the key points from expert speakers at the workshops that illustrate the successes adult education programs have had with providing virtual services while managing the challenges accompanying huge growth in virtual learning programs.

Photo of Christopher McElroy

Episode 3

Leveraging Social Media for Student Recruitment

Guest: Christopher McElroy

Successful student recruitment sometimes requires thinking outside the box. In this episode, Christopher McElroy, the Director of Adult Education for South Suburban College in Illinois, shares how he has used social media to recruit students. He provides practical suggestions for where to start and simple tips for how to maximize success.

Christopher McElroy is the Director of Adult Education at South Suburban Community College in South Holland, IL. Prior to that he was the Transitions Coach and Database Administrator of the program.

"You get way more touch points with social media than you do with any other aspect." —Christopher McElroy


Episode 4

The Recruitment Journey

Host: Delphinia Brown

This episode describes approaches state adult education programs and local providers can use to increase student enrollment and improve the learner experience from the point of awareness of an adult education program to enrollment. Delphinia Brown, with the NRS Support Project at the American Institutes for Research, summarizes strategies shared by Nevada and Massachusetts at the NRS 2022 Regional Workshop: Journey From Recruitment to Enrollment. You'll also hear examples of strategic recruitment planning in four key areas: (1) Systems and Processes, (2) Program Supports and Services, (3) Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access, and (4) Marketing and External Communication.


Episode 5

Data Flow

Host: Marcela Movit

For the NRS, “data flow” refers to the process of moving from the initial point of data collection from participants and staff to data entry through the data cleaning process and then to state database for state reporting. However, there can be many challenges in the data flow process that lead to incomplete or inaccurate data. Join our host Marcela Movit and guest Larry Condelli as they discuss common data flow challenges and explore tips and tricks to make the data flow process go more smoothly.


Episode 6

Teacher Retention

Host: Carla Causey
Guests: Sarah Goldammer and Tara Schwab

Adult education has become a very dynamic profession over the last nine years with the implementation of the Integrated Education and Training (IET) program. In this episode, Sarah Goldammer, the Director of the Southern Illinois Professional Development Center, and Tara Schwab, Educational Training Specialist at the Southern Illinois Professional Development Center share how their student recruitment and enrollment efforts focus on teacher retention, specifically around IET. They provide insight into how their student recruitment, retention, and engagement efforts emphasize skilling up teachers to adapt to new teaching tools and environments and share helpful retention strategies for teacher retention.

Photo of Sarah Goldammer

Sarah Goldammer is the Director of the Southern Illinois Professional Development Center - part of the Illinois Community College Board Adult Education Professional Development Network. She has a B.S. in Special Education from Southeast Missouri State University and a M.S. in Higher Education from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.


Photo of Tara Schwab

Tara Schwab is an Educational Training Specialist at the Southern Illinois Professional Development Center, part of the Illinois Community College Board Adult Education Professional Development Network. She holds a B.A. in Social Studies Education from Illinois State University and an M.A. in the Arts of Teaching from Aurora University.


Episode 7

Career Navigators

Host: Jeremy Rasmussen
Guests: Marlo Young and Michelle Tapia

Career navigators often help adult learners with career and educational planning. However, career navigators can also help manage the collection process of NRS data and positively impact measurable skill gains. In this episode, community outreach navigators with the Alabama Community College System, Marlo Young and Michelle Tapia, share insights into the expansive role career navigators play in their state. They explore how Alabama’s career navigator program is structured, how the role of career navigator is evolving, and how career navigators make a measurable impact in adult education.

Photo of Marlo Young

Marlo Young serves as the Community Outreach Navigator for the Southern Region, Adult Education Programs with Alabama Community College System. She earned a B.S. in Psychology from Alabama State University and has a master’s degree in Counseling/Psychology and a second master’s in Adult Continuing Education from University of West Alabama.


Photo of Michelle Tapia

Michelle Tapia is a Community Outreach Navigator for the Alabama Community College System. She has a B.A. in English from New Mexico Highlands University and a master’s degree in in Communication from Eastern New Mexico University.