The NRS Story: From Policy to Practice


Episode 1

Past, Present, Future

Guest: Larry Condelli

The National Reporting System has served the adult education community for several decades in various capacities. In this episode, Larry Condelli, director of the NRS Support Project at the American Institutes for Research, talks about the history of the NRS and how it has evolved. He describes why and how the National Reporting System came into existence, and he calls out what needs the NRS serves today and discusses the future of the NRS.

Dr. Larry Condelli directs the state technical support project for the National Reporting System (NRS) and provides training and technical assistance to states on accountability and using data for program management and improvement.

"The NRS story is the story of Adult Ed. So as Adult Ed. moves along, the NRS is coming along with it both in a symbiotic way." —Larry Condelli