Adult Education for Success

The National Reporting System for Adult Education (NRS) is the accountability system for the Federally funded adult education program, authorized by Section 212 of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). The NRS includes the WIOA primary indicators of performance, measures that describe adult education students and their program participation, methodologies for collecting performance data, and program reporting procedures.

Learn more about the NRS, adult education data management, ways to use data to improve adult learning opportunities, and training and technical assistance that are available to states.

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The NRS provides technical assistance and training to States in ways that best meet the needs of State and Local program providers to improve data quality, increase data use for program development, develop data systems, and more. Select one of the topic areas (icons) below to learn more. 


Explore featured resources related to WIOA and the NRS including: state guidance, reporting, and external WIOA resources.

Reporting Measurable Skill Gains (MSG) Types 3, 4, and 5

NRS Technical Assistance (TA) Guide—Revised March 2021

WIOA and NRS Resources

Distance Education Tips

NRS Reporting Tables


The NRS 2023 Regional Training: The PowerPoint, workbook, and other resources from this year’s regional training, The Journey Continues: From Recruitment to Retention, have been posted to the website. Check out the training here

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Episode 5, Dataflow: Check out the latest podcast from NRS that discusses common dataflow challenges and explores tips and tricks to make the dataflow process go more smoothly. Check out the podcast here.