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The National Reporting System for Adult Education (NRS) is the accountability system for the Federally funded adult education program, authorized by Section 212 of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). The NRS includes the WIOA primary indicators of performance, measures that describe adult education students and their program participation, methodologies for collecting performance data, and program reporting procedures.

Learn more about the NRS, adult education data management, ways to use data to improve adult learning opportunities, and training and technical assistance that are available to states.

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The NRS provides technical assistance and training to States in ways that best meet the needs of State and Local program providers to improve data quality, increase data use for program development, develop data systems, and more. Select one of the topic areas (icons) below to learn more. 


Explore featured resources related to WIOA and the NRS including: state guidance, reporting, LEAP training materials, and external WIOA resources.

NRS Technical Assistance (TA) Guide

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LEAP: NRS Training on WIOA 2016

WIOA Summary of Changes

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Demonstrating Success: A Technical Assistance Guide for Collecting Postexit Indicators. This new guide is as a resource for state and local staff to understand the postexit indicators and suggests ways to improve the quality of the data. Learn more

2019 Regional Training. This training helped states to identify local challenges that impact state performance, understand the reasons for the challenges, and identify strategies to address them. Learn more

NRSTips: Collecting Data for Post-Exit Indicators in Practice. Under WIOA, adult education programs must collect data on program participants after program exit for each performance indicator. This NRSTips provides examples of successful strategies from one local program and one state for collecting required data on two performance indicators—credential attainment and employment. Learn more

Data Flow Workbook. The new Data Flow Workbook will help you through the process of creating a graphical flowchart to document and communicate your state’s needs and challenges for obtaining and using data. Learn more