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The NRS Technical Assistance (TA) Guide, the core of the NRS, may be downloaded for printing or viewed online in a searchable format.

 Provides new reporting tables, templates, a data quality checklist, and other resources.

The statewide performance report (SPR) presents the WIOA performance indicators for each state and the nation, broken down by participant characteristics.

State Snapshot pages provide information on each state's NRS system along with contact information for state personnel and a list of related resources.

The NRS infographics show key findings from the NRS data.


Explore featured resources related to WIOA and the NRS including: state guidance, reporting, LEAP training materials, and external WIOA resources.

NRS Technical Assistance (TA) Guide

WIOA and NRS Resources

Regional Training 2019: Conquering Your Data Challenges

NRSTips: Adult Education Participants in Distance Education

NRS Reporting Tables