Technical Assistance Tools

Technical Assistance Tools

Each year the NRS support project develops products and tools for state adult education staff and local providers to supplement their own information and knowledge of the NRS. Our most recent tools include the LEAP I & II toolkits to assist with understanding changes to the NRS as a result of WIOA implementation.  Check here for relevant products and tools.

Related Resources

NRS Technical Assistance (TA) Guide. This document outlines the history and overview of the NRS, provides definitions of core and secondary measures; describes the NRS data flow process; provides guidance on data collection, data matching and quality control; and discusses NRS reporting requirements.

NRS Tips: Employment Reporting  (PDF, 263 KB). This NRS Tips explains the reasons for the changes in reporting entered and retained employment, what the changes are, and provides examples of how the changes will work in practice.

2014 Linking Data Quality with Action Guide (PDF, 2533 KB). This guide offers new approaches and tools to identify and prevent data quality problems including a local data quality checklist.