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Data Systems

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NRS Data Systems Requirements Checklist

Whether reviewing an existing data system or planning a new one, it is important to ensure that the data system aligns with the NRS requirements under WIOA. This checklist is designed to assist states in determining a data system’s alignment with these requirements.

Data System Planning

Building a new data system can be a complex and multifaceted activity. A structured approach and clear specifications make it easier to understand the variety of needs and considerations that must be addressed to create a successful solution.  This simple tool walks you through the basics of developing a system, and provides the elements of a specification that you can use to jumpstart your development effort.

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21st Century Data Systems for NRS: WIOA and Beyond (2017)

This training enhanced state capacity to establish a high quality NRS data system that meets the accountability requirements of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). Participants were introduced to key WIOA requirements, learned the policies and business rules for processing and data management; gained understanding for the newest tools for reporting and analysis; learned their operating environment; and learned a planning methodology that addresses all major needs, technical and operational challenges. Participants developed a timeline and documentation to share key characteristics and challenges with their state developers, and had opportunities to consider relevant use cases, articulate specific functionality needs, and brainstorm possible solutions to these challenges.

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NRS Tips: Planning an NRS Data System

Your data system can provide a trove of information to help identify opportunities to strengthen Adult Education in your state. Planning a new system offers an opportunity to reflect on current and future needs and then to identify tools to help address those needs. This edition of NRS Tips outlines a process to plan and build a successful data system.

NRS Tips: Creating Longitudinal Data Systems

This NRS Tips describes some of the benefits of and elements necessary to create a quality longitudinal data system. A longitudinal data system follows students over time.

Data Systems Glossary

View the NRS Data Systems Glossary.


Longitudinal Data Systems (2014)

During this webinar, state staff heard from the experiences of three states in implementing a longitudinal data system, specifically around some of the challenges they faced and lessons learned during this process. Indiana, North Dakota, and Virginia presented on their experiences with implementing a Longitudinal Data System.