Assessment refers to standardized tests, administered before and after students complete a program (pre- and posttests), used by state and local agencies to measure educational gain.

Tools & Tips

Federal Register Notice - NRS Assessments (updated July 2023)

This is the annual announcement of tests, including test forms and delivery formats, determined to be suitable for use in the NRS.

Federal Register Notice - NRS Assessments
(correction) Federal Register Notice - NRS Assessments

Test Benchmarks for NRS Educational Functioning Levels (EFL) (updated August 2023)

A quick reference to current test benchmarks for educational functioning levels.

NRS Test Approval Periods (August 2023)

Provides the approval periods of tests determined to be suitable for use in the National Reporting System for adult education.

Developing Next Generation Assessments for Adult Education

WIOA requirements for states to adopt content standards and other changes challenge adult education to develop appropriate new assessments that will take advantage of the latest technology and approaches to assessment. OCTAE held a meeting in October 2015 of assessment experts to discuss changes in assessment and this paper summarizes some of that discussion.


State Assessment Policy Guidelines (508 Compliant Version)

All states must submit annually an assessment policy to DAEL that meets NRS requirements. This guide for state staff describes the key topics and information that must go into this policy. Last revised November 30, 2020.