LEAP I: Accessible Text

LEAP I: Accessible Text Version

Introduction (LEAP I)

The 2016 National Reporting System (NRS) Regional Training, Leap Into WIOA, Part I & II, addresses how changes brought on by the Workforce and Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) affect NRS data collection, reporting and systems, and by extension state adult education programs. In the training sessions, state teams engage in activities that will help them explore those changes further and practice leadership strategies and approaches for communication with state staff, local programs, and other required partners as they plan for adjustments in the required state reporting and data collection.


This toolkit is a companion to Part I, Preparing for Change. Within this toolkit, you will find materials and handouts from the training, as well as supplemental handouts and resources for further reading and exploration. These materials are intended for state adult education staff to extend their learning and understanding of the topics, and to provide materials for working with both state and local program staff. We’ve created this toolkit in an electronic format to enable ease of sharing and printing.

How to use

In this toolkit, you will find materials grouped by topic: Overview of WIOA and implications, data systems, leadership, and communication. Each section contains background information for understanding the topic, followed by worksheets or activities for use with the state team. Some of these materials were used in the face-to-face training; others are modified from the original format to include additional information and links to sources. Each topical section then will include suggestions of modifications to use the tools or activities with others in the state office, local program staff, or adult education stakeholders such as other government agencies, business, or community partners. Throughout, you will notice tips, questions for thought, and links to additional information. These are provided to deepen your thinking and help in sharing information with other staff.

We recommend you review all topics in the toolkit as we think each is necessary for creating effective systematic change. We have arranged them in the order that seems most logical for use, however the sections are set up in a module-like format that allows the user to select which areas to focus on if time is short.