NRS Annual Checkup

NRS Annual Checkup: WIOA Accountability After One Year

NRS Training: 

After one year of accountability under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), states have been challenged by the tasks of developing state plans and new state policies, understanding and implementing new accountability requirements, collecting data, and supporting local programs in the new WIOA environment. This training supported state leaders to conduct a one-year data checkup to evaluate their data health. Training participants reviewed WIOA data collection requirements for performance indicators, examined their data flow, explored improvements to data quality, identified data monitoring methods, and developed a plan for enhancing data quality through data monitoring and training local staff.

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Follow-up Webinar Recording (December 2017)

Comments from Participants in the 2017 NRS Regional Training

"Great opportunity to reflect on our state improvement plan as well as hear from other states improvement plan."
“I think this was the best NRS training I have been to in 5 years!”
      — Local Administrator, Wisconsin

“This was fantastic. Having built in state time was such a help. What made it especially helpful was giving focus to what was to be done, but freedom to tweak it to make it especially relevant to our needs. The smaller size of these regional meetings also allows for more conversation and sharing.”
      — State Staff, Maine

"This training was really helpful and gave us the opportunity to have some purposeful time together to tackle some of our data concerns. Thank you."
“I really liked the DDM to help us dive into our data strengths and weaknesses.”
“Thanks to all of you. I realize that we are like herding cats sometimes, but you are always so flexible and adaptive in your training to give us the time we need. This really helps me get the most out of the training. The regional NRS trainings are always the top trainings that I attend every year. Thanks for another successful event.”
      — Data Facilitator, Maine

"Activities were thought-provoking and appreciated. I like how you used results to drive your presentations and discussions.”
      — Data Facilitator from Arizona