21st Century Data Systems

21st Century Data Systems

NRS Training: 

The training focused on supporting state staff members to think through, plan for, and communicate requirements for updating their current data system to meet the requirements of Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), and modifying it to produce data reports to support program operations and program improvements. State staff members had the opportunity to document relevant data system considerations to ensure compliance with new regulations as well as learn what other states were doing to address data system issues.

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Comments from Participants in the 2017 NRS Targeted Training

"The cross state sharing was extremely helpful. Having an opportunity to hear how others are approaching issues and learning about their resources is very helpful."

"The project workbooks were valuable as was learning some of the common terms used by folks in IT departments"

"I think the strongest parts of the training are related to getting those of us who are "planning" data systems to think both like a system developer and a system user. It's really important to understand all the parts that are necessary to a good data system, and how those parts come together to form a "product" for the end user."

"This was my first time to participate at this level and it is helping me to understand my customers’ needs better."