LEAP Part II: NRS Measures and Reporting

NRS Training: 

LEAP into WIOA, Part II: NRS Measures and Reporting will provide state teams with a detailed look at the new NRS reporting requirements and revised tables as a result of WIOA implementation and help them develop a plan for meeting these necessary changes. Participants will obtain a clear understanding of the NRS data requirements and changes needed in their state data collection and reporting systems, learn ways to implement changes, and disseminate information to their local programs and state WIOA stakeholders. States will also identify areas of needed support.

Handouts from the Regional Training

Webinar on Rolling Out LEAP II to Local Providers

Webinar on Using the LEAP Online Toolkit with State and Local Providers

LEAP II Toolkit

This toolkit is a companion to Part II, NRS Measures and Reporting. Within this toolkit, you will find materials and handouts from the training, as well as supplemental handouts and resources for further reading and exploration.

These materials are intended for state adult education staff to extend their learning and understanding of the topics, and to provide materials for working with both state and local program staff.