Programs and People: 

Christina Lorge
State Director
Phone: (608) 267-9065

Mark Johnson
Adult Secondary Education Director
Phone: 608-266-1272

Alejandro Nuñez
English Language Learning Education Director
Phone: 608-261-4593

Lenard Simpson
Incarcerated & Re-Entry Populations Education Director
Phone: 608-267-9684

Wisconsin Technical College System
Office of Student Success
4622 University Avenue, PO BOX 7874
Madison, Wisconsin 53705



Data Systems: 

Wisconsin Technical College System: Client Reporting System

Followup Methods: 

GED/High School Equivalency Diploma: Data Match with WI Department of Public Instruction
Employment: Data Match with Department of Workforce Development Unemployment Insurance Wage System
Transition to Postsecondary Education or Training: Data Match with both the National Student Clearinghouse & the WTCS Client Reporting System

Data Tools for Monitoring and Program Improvement: 

Data must be submitted at least quarterly. Data submissions are done on the web, with built-in data monitoring and error identification. Data submitted electronically are monitored both by software and by state staff. This is done for each data submission, whether it be quarterly or even daily. Staff conducting on-site monitoring takes copies of submitted data with them to verify accuracy.

Throughout the program year, state and local AEFLA funded programs are able to access a series of reports that mirror the NRS required reporting tables via the WTCS Portal. These reports serve as a resource to monitor core indicator performance throughout the year as well as a mechanism to evaluate final program year performance. AEFLA funded programs are able to access their local performance as well as state performance for benchmarking purposes. Benchmarking options are put in place to ignite collaborative discussion across Wisconsin providers around best practices that promote student success. These discussions can occur locally or through the state-coordinated monthly teleconferences and semiannual in-person conferences where AEFLA funded program contacts and external partners are invited to explore promising practices centered on adult education student success.

WTCS’s Client Reporting System looks at attendance hours, test forms, and test scores to verify accuracy of testing intervals, alternate form usage etc., according to the state assessment policies and test vendor recommendations.

State WTCS/ABE program staff contact local staff as issues arise.


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