Rhode Island

Rhode Island

Programs and People: 

Philip Less
State Director of Adult Education
Rhode Island Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
255 Westminster Street
Providence, RI 02903-3414
Phone: (401) 222-8949


ESL: CASAS; BEST Plus; BEST Literacy

Data Systems: 

Advansys by Benchmark Integrated Technology Services, Comprehensive Adult Literacy Information System (CALIS)

Followup Methods: 

GED: Data Match
Employment: Data Match
Transition to Postsecondary Education or Training: Data Match and Survey

Data Tools for Monitoring and Program Improvement: 

Data is reviewed through user reports on a monthly basis.

Assessment scores entered in CALIS will automatically generate an EFL. The system also calculates subsequent scores that are required for students to complete the level and advance. There are also validation rules for dates and alternating version of tests.

Programs have access to real time data via a menu of reports that include NRS tables, goal setting, testing and attendance reports. All reports have an extensive filtering mechanism including gender, class, EFL Level that allows for further analysis.

State Tools and Resources: 


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