Programs and People: 

Todd Wagner
Director of Adult Basic Education
Minnesota Department of Education
1500 Highway 36 West
Roseville, MN 55113
Phone: (651) 582-8466



Data Systems: 

Student Information Database (SiD)

Followup Methods: 

GED: Data Match
Employment: Data Match
Transition to Postsecondary Education or Training: Data Match

Data Tools for Monitoring and Program Improvement: 

Minnesota’s Student Information Database (SiD) includes a variety of data monitoring features including unit record completeness, minimum time between tests, appropriate pre- and post-tests, EFL determined from test scores by algorithm, etc. Programs' data are subject to quarterly desk audit and end-of-year review. NRS data are checked for internal consistency and in relation to prior year data patterns.

Minnesota requires that all ABE staff complete the state provided TABE and CASAS trainings before administering tests and must repeat the training at least once every 5 years. A conference for intake, assessment and data management is held annually and data quality training is provided for teachers and administrators at spring and fall regional training events and at the ABE Summer Institute. Programs have access via phone/e-mail to data management support daily.

State Tools and Resources: 

Minnesota Adult Basic Education


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