Programs and People: 

Alex Harris, Adult Education Program Consultant
State Director for Adult Education
Division of Community Colleges
Bureau of Adult, Career, and Community College Education
Iowa Dept. of Education
Grimes State Office Building
400 E. 14th St.,
Des Moines, IA 50319-0146
515-281-3640 (Office)
515-281-6544 (fax)


ABE: CASAS ECS Reading and Math; Forms 11-18, CASAS Life Skills Reading; Math and Listening; Forms 27-38; CASAS Life and Work; Forms 81-188
ESL: CASAS Life and Work; Forms 81-188

Data Systems: 

Tracking of Programs and Students (TOPSpro)

Followup Methods: 

GED: Data Match
Employment: Data Match
Transition to Postsecondary Education or Training: Data Match

Data Tools for Monitoring and Program Improvement: 
  • The TOPSpro software (Iowa's NRS based electronic reporting system) has several edit checks built into the software to ensure data integrity, accuracy, and reliability. In addition, state staff generate selected reports to check for anomalies and incomplete data.
  • The TOPSpro software is regularly updated by CASAS with releases of updated versions. The updated versions contain on-line instructions. Required fields must be completed in order for calculation of federal tables.
State Tools and Resources: 

Division of Community Colleges and Workforce Prep


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