Programs and People: 

Marilyn Pitzulo
Associate Chief for Workforce Strategy
Indiana Department of Workforce Development
20 North Senate Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46201
Phone: (812) 345-5446


ABE: TABE 11 & 12

Data Systems: 

InTERS (Live Data System; automated, individual student record system)

Followup Methods: 

GED: Data Match and Survey (HiSET & GED)
Employment: Data Match and Survey
Transition to Postsecondary Education or Training: Data Match and Survey

Data Tools for Monitoring and Program Improvement: 

MIS data checking by state and regional office staff and local programs. Validations are built into the InTERS data system for state and local program management to ensure adherence to data policy procedures. InTERs contains edit checks that minimize the ability to enter data incorrectly. The student record system has a module that provides NRS reports at all levels as well as programmatic reports that help local providers demonstrate effectiveness.

State office staff and regional coordinators conduct on-going real-time data analysis. Regional Adult Education Coordinators regularly use data and other reports to discuss continuous program improvement with providers.

Indiana uses on-site technical assistance visits, program monitoring visits, telephone and e-mail technical assistance, networking meetings (including a statewide webinar), and trainings on data issues to ensure local programs comply with state and NRS guidelines.

All programs are provided technical assistance and training regarding state data collection, verification, and entry procedures. An on-line manual, recorded trainings, and other resources are provided.

Program monitoring and evaluations are conducted based on a risk analysis to ensure that local programs are in compliance with NRS policies and procedures.

Programs develop professional development plans based on state goals, performance targets, and local need. A provider may be required to develop a program improvement plan if outcomes fail to demonstrate continuous improvement.

Performance-based funding is awarded according to a formula that utilizes NRS performance data and other state/local indicators.

State Tools and Resources: 

Department of Workforce Development, Indiana Adult Education Administrative site

Department of Workforce Development, Indiana Adult Education Professional Development 


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