Programs and People: 

Jennifer Foster
Senior Director for Adult Education and Family Literacy
Adult Education and Family Literacy (Illinois)
Illinois Community College Board
401 East Capitol Avenue
Springfield, IL 62701
Telephone: (217) 785-0171
FAX: 217-558-6700


ESL: BEST (Basic English Skills Test) Literacy; BEST Plus; CASAS – Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System

Data Systems: 

I DAIS-I (Data and Information System – Illinois)

Followup Methods: 

GED: Data Match
Employment: Data Match
Transition to Postsecondary Education or Training: Data Match

Data Tools for Monitoring and Program Improvement: 
  • The ICCB works with the Service Center Network to ensure ongoing staff development and to provide a host of training opportunities for program staff. The ICCB's data system provides an overview of various outcomes, but more importantly the state's actions allow programs to easily identify specific information to ensure continuous improvement.
  • DAIS-I (Data and Information System - Illinois), a web-based reporting system was designed through a joint effort with the Center for the Application of Information Technologies (C.A.I.T.) and released in 2008. DAIS-I serves as a powerful management tool for both the ICCB and local providers. The data system provides a host of different reports for program and state use. Some reports provide an overview picture of the program while others allow program staff to "drill down" to specific instructors, buildings, class sections, etc. The NRS Performance Measure - Static Report allows programs to compare their programs level completion rate with the state targets. Also, in the spirit of continuous improvement, this report allows programs to enter the level completion percentage they proposed when they submitted their RFP's. This allows programs to see how they are doing not only relative to state targets, but also relative to what they have done previously. Another useful report is the Student Profile Summary Report. This report is a "drill down" report that allows the program to view goal information, testing outcomes, separation information, and self-reported achievements for specific instructors, buildings, class sections, etc.
State Tools and Resources: 

Adult Education and Family Literacy, Illinois Community College Board


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