Programs and People: 

Cruz Gallegos
State Coordinator for Adult Education and GED Administration
650 W. State Street Suite 324
PO Box 83720
Boise, ID 83705
(208) 429-5541


AE: TABE 11 & 12, CASAS Reading GOALS

Data Systems: 

Advansys by Benchmark Integrated Technology Services; Management and Accountability System (IMAS) is Idaho's database

Followup Methods: 

GED: Data Match
Employment: Data Match
Transition to Postsecondary Education or Training: Data Match

Data Tools for Monitoring and Program Improvement: 

As part of the state-level review, programs are expected to submit quarterly desk audits, which include a random-sample file review and data analysis. Desk audits are prepared by the local director and reviewed at the state office to verify assessment and data collection policies are followed. Programs are also required to participate in regional on-site monitoring visits with state staff. Monitoring visits are scheduled in advance. The State Office will also conduct random IMAS checks of local programs and individual classes throughout the year, as well as regular reviews of program performance data to identify trends or technical assistance needs. Local programs conduct regular, random audits of their data processes to ensure staff compliance as well as to ensure high-quality data is collected. In addition to internal reviews, each program is also be subject to state-level reviews.

State Tools and Resources: 

Adult Education Office, Idaho Career and Technical Education


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