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National Reporting System   National Reporting System

Using the Online Training Courses

Course Format

  • For the What is the NRS? and Data Use online training courses you will review content and respond to related questions. You must answer questions on each page in order to move through the course to completion. To gain full credit for a course, you will need to complete all questions and print a copy of the course completion page.

    If your answer to a question is determined to be correct, you will automatically be forwarded to the next question or course page and a note will appear informing you as such.

    If your answer to a question is determined to be incorrect, you will be forwarded to a page that informs you that your answer was incorrect and given a short piece to read that explains the correct answer. In order to advance to the next question you will need to correctly answer the current question. Your answers to the questions are stored in the database so that you can return to a course and review your work.

  • The Data Quality online training courses correspond to other materials, such as user guides, developed by the NRS staff for a face-to-face training. The online training courses focus on specific aspects of using NRS Data. These online training courses provide background reading material and resources and forms to assist you in evaluating your program in a specific area of NRS data procedures to create a plan for improvement. Each of these courses begins with two options: the "Comprehensive Path" or the "Evaluation Path."

    The "Comprehensive Path" uses links at the bottom of each course page to step you through the course in its entirety. The "Evaluation Path" takes you directly to the course input forms. Regardless of the path you take, links to support materials will be displayed to assist you in improving your procedures.

  • The format of the Data Scenarios is different from the other online training courses. These scenarios contain questions that are presented in a single test and the answers are not stored in the database. When you complete a test the correct answers will display next to your answers. It is suggested you print each Data Scenario test upon completion, to keep an accurate record of your work.

Navigating the Course
Some pages within a course require you to click on a link to advance to the next page. When this is the case, you will see the following link: Next Page image

Entering and Editing
Throughout the Guide courses you will encounter a series of forms that include text boxes and radio buttons. To save your entries or selections you will need to click the button at the bottom of the course page. After clicking Submit button image you will see text informing you that your inputs were saved to the database. Your inputs are immediately available for editing and review. After reviewing and/or editing your inputs, click Submit button image again to save your changes. Advance to the next course page by following the Next Page image link at the bottom of the page.

Retrieving Your Inputs
To retrieve your inputs for any form within a Guide course you can either go to the form or go to the next page in the course. Your inputs are always displayed in full text on the next page in the course.

Your Plan for Improvement
The last page in each of the Guide courses that require your inputs will display your plan for improvement in a printer-friendly manner.

Finding Additional Resources
Some pages within the courses have a menu of Reference Areas highlighted in a box similar to the one below. These topics are offered as additional resources to aid you while completing a course. If you follow one of the menu links, return to the training course by using your browser's back button.

The following is an example of a sidebar with additional resources.

  • sidebar image

Miscellaneous Notes

  • If you reload a page within the course you may have to re-enter your answers for that page.
  • In order to complete a Data Scenario test or the Self Evaluation Form, you must answer all questions.
  • To advance through a course you must answer each question correctly.

Online Course Support

For additional support using the NRS online courses, send your questions about the online courses and requests for technical support to

The National Reporting System for Adult Education (NRS) is administered by the Division of Adult Education and Literacy in the Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education at the U.S. Department of Education.