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The following pages contain descriptions of the many products and services American Institutes for Research (AIR) has created to assist states meeting NRS requirements. For example, you will find references to training materials on using data for program improvement, online courses to orient new staff to the NRS, an online database to help you choose an appropriate assessment to measure educational gain, informational briefs that provide practical tips on a variety of adult education topics, and reports that analyze national and state data describing adult education students. To assist you in what you are looking for, we have organized the products and services into the following six areas:

  • Policy Guidance--User-friendly publications and online courses to guide you through NRS policies and procedures.
  • Data Quality and Data Use--Tools and training materials to help you better understand and use your data.
  • Monitoring--Adaptable templates and guides to assist you in successfully monitoring local programs for compliance and performance.
  • Assessment--A searchable database and important information to help you select an appropriate assessment.
  • Federal Data Reports--Accessible reports providing you with data and analysis to better understand the characteristics and performance of the adult education population at the state and national levels.
  • Student Databases for NRS--Reports and guides that explain the characteristics of effective databases, NRS requirements for student record systems, and states' experiences developing their NRS student record systems.

Also see lists of our products broken down by product type.

View a pdf copy of full the product showcase:

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