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2009 Summer Training – The Local Connection: Building a Data Use Learning Community

The 2009 Summer Training focused on the characteristics and essential elements of data use learning communities at the state and local level.  The training presented steps in the process of establishing and sustaining a data use learning community as well as barriers to, and motivators for local programs to use data.  Select communication tools were demonstrated for specific purposes related to implementing and maintaining a data use learning community.  Participants developed a state action plan for encouraging locals to value and use data for program improvement.

Training materials are available below for download.  The materials include a companion guide to the training, learning community pre- and post- needs assessment surveys, the PowerPoint presentation with facilitator’s notes and corresponding handouts, and other resources.

Click here for more information on the follow-up webinar to this training: Lessons from the Field: Implementing data use learning communities (January 19, 2010)

NRS Guide

Facilitation & Professional Development Materials

  • 2. Presentation and Handouts from the 2009 Summer Training
    The PowerPoint slides and corresponding handouts are aligned with the content of the Guide.

  • icon: Powerpoint The Local Connection: Building a Data Use Learning Community Presentation (archived)

    icon: Word Facilitator's Notes & Training Handouts (archived)

    icon: Word Facilitator's Notes & Training Handouts (508 Compliant Version) (archived)

Training Tools

3. Tools for Planning, Training, Analysis and Community Building (archived)

Sample Learning Community Pre- and Post- Self Assessments  

icon: Word Teacher Assessment         icon: Word Administrator Assessment

icon: Word Sample Learning Community Participant Survey

icon: PDF  Designing and Conducting Focus Group Interviews - Kreuger

icon: Word Sample Student Focus Group Protocol

Additional Materials

4. NRS Regional Training 2009: Technology Tools for Learning Communities  Demonstration Site (at

Site Access Instructions: 

  • Under the list of Available Courses, select NRS 2009 Regional Training.
  • On the Login Page, click on the Login as Guest button
  • Next, you should be directed to the Guest login page. Where prompted for your Enrollment Key, enter conference.
  • Finally, click on the Enroll me in this course button.
  • 7. Group Pictures from Training
  • Click on any of the thumbnail images below to see a full-size image.

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Washington, DC

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San Diego


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